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    Unanswered: Getting values in a real time

    I try to get the value in a real time. There are two subforms inside a mainform. First user enters value into mainform. Than comes to subform1. And after that on the basis of a choice in subform1, the 2nd subform is open. In 2nd subform i create a listbox with that query.

    SELECT [tbl_Events].[PPVVOD_Outlet] FROM tbl_Events WHERE [tbl_Events].[ticketnum]=[Forms]![tbl_PPVResearch]![ticketnum];

    But it shows empty. [tbl_Events].[PPVVOD_Outlet] is a subform1

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    Are there any values which show up when you run the listbox query itself? How many records are returned when you go to design view of the 2nd form and look at the rowsource of the listbox (selecting it ... and running it)? I'm not sure if you need the ; or not but don't think that would make a difference. Either that or it could possibly be a column width set to 0.

    Is SELECT [tbl_Events].[PPVVOD_Outlet] FROM tbl_Events WHERE [tbl_Events].[ticketnum]=[Forms]![tbl_PPVResearch]![ticketnum];
    a snapshot of the code for the listbox? If so, is the bound column set correctly?
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