i am confronting a problem to build a query by joining
two table to get a specific result. the full
description is like this that i have two table, first
one is called "Enquiry" and second one is called
"Enquiry current status".

first we enter enquiry information in enquiry table

Enq # Date district ps Enquiry officer
__________________________________________________ __

1 01/01/06 multan multan Khalid ahmed
2 10/01/06 DG Khan DG Khan Tanveer
3 20/01/06 Vehari Vehari Ajmal
4 25/01/06 Khanewal Khanewal Shoaib

when we enter enquiry information into enquiry
table,at the same time we enter the current status of
this enquiry in table called "Enquiry current status"
like this

Enq # Date district ps Curstatus decesion
__________________________________________________ _______________
1 01/01/06 multan multan pending
1 05/01/06 multan multan Dropped
2 10/01/06 DG Khan DG Khan pending
3 20/01/06 Vehari Vehari pending
3 22/01/06 Vehari Vehari Dropped
4 25/01/06 Khnwal Khnwal pending
4 26/01/06 khnwal khnwal sent to department

according to given above information enquiry # 1 was
enter on 01/01/06 and at date 05/01/06 it was decided.
enquiry # 3 is alsoe decided. now there are two
enquiries which are decided and two are still pending
i want to build a query which should show the
resultset of only pending enquiries not those
enquiries who has been decided. in the light of above
information query should look like this one

Enq # date district ps enqiry officer current
__________________________________________________ ____
2 10/01/06 DG Khan DG Khan Tanveer pending

4 26/01/06 khnwal khnwal Shoaib sent to

if any enquiry has more than one status, only last
status should be shown as in above information the
enquiry # 4 has two current status but only last one
is shown in the required query result

this is the problem i am facing and i hope you will
help me to cope with it.thanks for anticipation. i am
waiting for your response.