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    Question Unanswered: exec >&- 2>&- # Close stdout and stderr


    I find this in one of the automated shells with this comment.
    exec >&- 2>&- # Close stdout and stderr

    Can any one explain to me about this command the usage of it please?

    Thanks in advance.


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    You don't normally need to close stdout and stderr
    It happens automatically when your script ends
    here is an example using exec to redirect
    if you want to save the current setting of stout and stderr
    whether it be to a file or to the screen
    then redirect to somefile and then redirect back to them

    exec 3>&0 4>&1 >somefile 2>&1

    This saves the old stdout on FD 3, and the old stderr on FD 4.

    exec 1>&3 2>&4 3>&- 4>&-

    This copies 3 back to stdout and 4 back to stderr, then closes the
    descriptors that are no longer needed.

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