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    Hi: Can any one please help me in the query. In where clause i want to check if main form is tbl_PPVResearch then it match the condition. If main form is tbl_PPVResearch_edit then it match the condition. Problem is i have two forms. One for data entry and the other form editing. So only thing i need in here when the main form is tbl_PPVResearch this query is ok but when the main form is tbl_PPVResearch_eidt then the query will be (WHERE [tbl_Events].[ticketnum]=[Forms]![tbl_PPVResearch_edit]![ticketnum]). When i open the main form tbl_PPVResearch_edit it prompt me for the ticket number because its trying to search the ticketNum in tbl_PPVResearch which is now not the main form.

    SELECT [tbl_Events].[PPVVOD_Outlet] FROM tbl_Events WHERE [tbl_Events].[ticketnum]=[Forms]![tbl_PPVResearch]![ticketnum];


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    Hi mutish1

    My preference for this is to have a single form that is used for data entry and editing. This is one reason. Another is if fields are added to the table you only need to make changes to one form.

    Are the forms broadly the same? If so - what differentiates them?
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    ur codings are working excelent.

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