Hi All,

i need help. i have a merge replication running every 10 minutes. the replication is for 1 database consisting around 50 tables and all 50 tables are marked as article to be published. let's say the publisher is server A and the subscriber is server B. for explanation purpose, let's pick 1 table from the database, let's say table X

in server A, there are applications running that insert and update table X. in server B, there are applications running that select and delete table X. table X at average, has tens of thousands rows.

now comes the problem, every 10 minutes whenever the sql merge agent is running, sometimes whenan application insert a row to table X in server A, it returns an error : "Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.". when i stop the replication (delete the subscriber), the row insertion to table X in server A seems fine. then i come to a doubtful conclusion, that the timeout error happened because when the insert statement executes, the replication locks the table for merging.

could somebody verify this? if my conclusion is true, then how am i suppose to do this? (see bold text above). really2 appreciate the help