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    Unanswered: Discrepancy on Number of Rows

    Hi There,

    Good Day :-)

    How could I correct the erroneous value on the property window of an SQL Table.

    My problem is that, if I am going to display the property window of Table1, the 'Rows' information displays 115. However, if I am going to execute - Select Count(*) from Table1 then it returns 117. How could I fix this glitch?

    Please Help :-)

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    Run UPDATE STATISTICS on the table(s).

    Also, Enterprise Manager checks the state of various databases and database objects when it first starts up, or when they are first selected. It won't reflect changes to the database made since the initial check unless you refresh the Enterprise Manager view.
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    It isn't strictly a glitch either - they are both counting different things. Anyway - more info in a currently active thread
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