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    Unanswered: Formula Error - Cannot find dimension member


    I have a .Net 2 App which uses cubes in Analysis Server 2000 to generate charts on the web.

    The application works correctly on my PC but when I move it to the production server (cube and code) I get the following error messages when I access the charts.

    Formula error - cannot find dimension member ("[Organisation].[Sha Name].&[North East London].&[BARTS AND THE LONDON NHS TRUST].&[The Royal London Hospital]") - in a name-binding function

    The dimension and member vary depending on which chart I am looking at.

    If I browse the cube in Analsysis Manager I can see the The Royal London Hospital member in my organisation dimension and data is displayed in the cells.

    The production server is Windows 2003 with the latest Service Packs and Analysis server has also had the latest service packs applied.

    If anyone has any suggestions please let me know as it is starting to drive me mad
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