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    Unanswered: How to list parameters on report.

    We have a Crystal Reports developer who is calling stored procedures for her reports. The procedures typically have six to ten optional parameters, primarily for filtering the result set. The parameters are selected from drop-down lists when the report is called. The developer is using Crystal Business Views to prompt for parameters.
    At the top of the report she wants to list the parameters used in the report and the values selected for them.
    Can anybody tells us the best way (best practices) for referencing the parameter values and printing them on the report?
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    I'm the developer and I thought I'd provide a little more info.

    We're using Crystal Reports Server XI. We're using Dynamic Parameters with stored procedures as the source. The source stored procedures have two columns: ID and Value. When creating the parameters, the ID becomes the parameter value and the Value becomes the parameter description. We display the parameters with Description only.

    When we use the parameter in a report that has a stored procedure as it's datasource, the parameter value is what is sent to the report stored procedure and the parameter description is lost to the report. I need to display this description on the report. Any ideas?


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    Facing same problem.

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    Hi have you tried creating a formula and then calling the join function(list being the name of the parameter list.

    "Chocolate", "Vanilla" and "Strawberry".

    Join (list)

    Returns the String "Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry".

    Join (list, "***")

    Returns the String "Chocolate***Vanilla***Strawberry".

    Many thanks.

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