Hello experts,

I am using crystal report XI to tap into outlook folders and pull data. This part is working. However, the data that I need to pull is sitting the message field visible by crystal report. However, no I need to parse this data and display it in a report. No idea how to do this. This is what my email messages(body) look like. The common identifier would be the dash(-)

Question 1 Section 1 - Yes

Question 1 Section 2 - Maybe indeed

Question 1 Section 3 - My favoriute color is red

Question 2 Section 1 - I drive a car

Question 2 Section 2 - I do not smoke

Question 2 Section 3 - I am self employeed

My report needs to to show
Question1 Section 1 Question 1 Section 2 Question 1 Section 3
Question 2 Section 1 Question 2 Section 2 Question2 Section 3

Any ideas on a formula to do this. Thanks experts.