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    Unanswered: how to find external users

    there are some external apps accessing my db. ok

    i am able to see the audit activities for the users who are
    internally using the db, that is using dbaccess.

    but some VB apps, even nobody knows who are using it.accessing
    this db.

    how to find those users?

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    In a UNIX system 'onstat -u' produces:
    address  flags   sessid   user     tty      wait     tout locks nreads   nwrites
    2a48ad48 Y--P--- 7808     user1    PC16     2be73a50 0    1     234      86     
    2a48b338 Y--P--- 7839     user1    1        2bf42b88 0    1     0        0      
    2a48d6d8 Y--P--- 7801     user2    PC24     2ba3c698 0    1     2        74
    where under tty either the to the loginsession assigned terminal id (in this case '1' for user1) or the hostname ('PC16' and 'PC24' for user1 and user2) are shown. Since VB is typically a client application I guess through this these sessions are distinguishable from (local) dbaccess sessions. Don't know right now what it looks like in Windows...

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    thanks for info

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