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    Unanswered: Can not find database on informix SE server


    I am running a INFORMIX SE Version 7.24.UC5 server on a linux OS and I am trying to change to remote connection. I have changed the sqlhosts to:
    myInformixServerName sesoctcp myServerName sqlexec_dbtcp
    Additional I opened the port for the service in the /etc/services.

    Now I can ping the server and all seems to be ok, but if I try to connect the server I get the following exception:
    Connection failed: Database not found or no system permission. (error: 329)
    The log file only shows the following:
    2006-09-20 11:55:28.696944 sqlexec myIP myUsername -X(null)
    Any suggestions what I am doing wrong?

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    No ideas? It is possible to increase the logged informations? Maybe there are some points of interests.

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    Here's a part of the output for errno 329 from the finderr utility:
    If you are using INFORMIX-SE, the visible databases are directories
    with names in the form dbname.dbs. You must be able to read from and
    write to them. The database server looks first in the current working
    directory and then in each directory named in the DBPATH environment
    variable. The most common cause of this error is an incorrect setting
    or no setting for the DBPATH environment variable.
    Maybe this can be helpful.

    Good luck,

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