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    Unanswered: reporting services - subscription

    Creating a subscription in Reporting Services/SQL Server 2K/ for the automated delivery of an email notification that report is updated.

    In the subscription, there is an option:

    Delivered by: Report Server E-Mail

    that is in the "Report Delivery Options" section.

    When this option is selected and the email generated, it comes from the email address of my predecessor, I need to change the address to my own but can't find where to change it. Can anyone point this out?

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    i think its in the config file, i don't have my book with me at the moment

    the config files are located on the server @ C:\program files\microsoft sql server\mssql\reporting services... there is 2 directories in there, one for each site (report server / report manager), check the config files and see where one of them specifies the smtp settings, you should be able to change the email addy in there and save it

    since its a config file you prolly dont have to stop/start anything

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