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    Question Unanswered: Oracle Replication

    hello all ,

    i want to monitor the status of my replication , the time that the replication happened , if it fails or succeeded ,....?

    is there a way to know that ? any log files ? any trace ?

    i am using oracle 10g .

    best regards

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    Perhaps you should start by saying what kind of replication you're using ?

    Fortunatelly, Oracle document that stuff for us.

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    Question oracle replication


    in fact , i am working on hpux 11.x with oracle database 10g , and i need to replicate my database to another site , where it it running a redhat linux with oracle database 10g .

    i choosed the tables that i wanted to replicate and i start my replication based on oracle documents .

    now i want to be sure that this replication is running properly and i need to know if there is a problem while replicating and what was the error , so i can do the replication manually.

    is there any log files or something else that i can check to see the status of my replication and for each time , if there is replication or not ?

    waiting for your replies .

    Best regards

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    yes, there are log files if you specify them.
    just like your rman backups. if you specify your logfiles then you have them.
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