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    Unanswered: Tablespace Recovery.....

    Hi all.................

    I am using DB2 V8.2 and windows 2002.

    I created one SMS tablespace say t1.I created one table say m1 in this tablespace.I inserted some values and I took a tablespace backup.After that I dropped that table.i restored the tablespace using the timestamp specified in the backup.But i am not able to get the table to get back the table in this scenario.............

    Any help.....


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    I'm afraid, that's not possible ..

    If you perform tablespace level restores, there is something called 'minimum recovery time' for each of the tablespaces ... This is the minimum point in time a tablespace can be recovered.

    As an example,
    Assume you create a table at 10 am ... Information about the table is inserted into the db2 catalog tables .

    At 1015, you take a full database or may be a tablespace level backup ...

    At 1030, you drop the table .,. so all info in the catalog about the table is lost ..

    At 1040, you try to restore the tablespace as it was at 1020 am (ie, the table existed ) ... Now if this is possible, then the table will be present but not the catalog entry ...

    therefore it is not possible to restore this way ...

    If you are interested in making sure you can restore at the table level, you can enable dropped table recovery at the table level...

    You can find info here :

    If a link takes you to , search for the IBM DB2 forum and go to the FAQ section of the discussion

    Visit the new-look IDUG Website , register to gain access to the excellent content.

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