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    Unanswered: Question on moving logs

    Running SQL Server 2000. I have been asked to move the transaction logs to another drive. I was able to do that for the user databases using detach/attach.

    However I don't see that as an option for moving the logs for the system databases.
    Is there any way I can move the system database logs? I'm guessing it might be possible through a restore.

    Any thoughts ?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Given the number of transactions that happen in master, model and msdb on a daily basis, I have never found it necessary to move the logs of these three databases. Tempdb on the other hand can be moved with a dirty trick. Leave the existing log with a maxsize limit of say 5MB, and create a second logfile on the new device at the actual size you need. Logfiles are used in sequence, as opposed to datafiles which are used in a more distributed way. You will still have the original disk used for 5MB of logs every once in a while, but the vast majority of the usage should be on the other drive.

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    Also came across this article

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