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    Question Unanswered: syslogins bcp from Linux to Solaris works ?

    Hi !

    I understand that if we migrate login records in syslogins system table in the master database from Solaris to Linux, we can use bcp with character format. The login password from the Solaris platform is compatible on Linux.

    Does the same compatibility exist from Linux to Solaris as well? OR login records need to be recreated?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've never tried this, but I suspect that if you can do it in one direction it should be possible to do it in the other as well.

    It should be pretty simple to test if you have a linux and a solaris server...


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    It is not that the passwords are "compatible". For bcp out/bcp in on the same platform, use native -n format which is the fastest; for bcp out on one platform followed by bcp in on another platform, use character -c format which is a bit slower. The password is just another column but it is encrypted (and will be decrypted automatically if the bcp in -User has sso_role). I have done this across platforms many times, although I have not tried Solaris-Linux in particular.
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    There is a special trace flag(-T1650) for Solaris to Linux that peserves the password encryption in syslogins.

    I would also check with Sybase if that trace flag is valid for your EBF level. They sometimes recycle the trace flag numbers.

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