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    Unanswered: How to send a email/attach with UTL_SMTP ?

    Hello to all.
    I'm new in ORACLE (First thing that i do )
    I need to send a email with UTL_SMPT with a attach file (txt/pdf...).
    I found on web a few examples.
    I already send a simple email. But when i try to attach some file ... ERROR.
    In this moment the error is "FILE doesn't exists".
    The example that i use is

    Anyone can help me?

    Thanks in advance.

    [EDIT:] The version that i use is Oracle 10g
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    Funny... all say the same. I already look to that.
    Maybe the reason that i don't understand is that i never see pl/sql in my front. And this guys (co-workers), are starting to killing me ...
    But, thanks for your replay , lets get reading (again) that stuff..

    it says " local pc - don't mention it, doesn't count, cannot access it. " , this is still true??
    I need to attach a file from my local PC!! So i can't use UTL_SMTP for that?
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    Well, Tom Kyte says
    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Kyte
    If you want to

    a) send email from the server
    b) with a file from the client

    you'll have to upload the file to the server (mod_plsql will be great for that).
    Then, it'll be in a blob and the code will work "as is". After you email the
    document, delete the blob.
    Could this do any good?

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    Another option would be: If you are sending mail locally (which I expect -- I dont really think you're relaying email outside your corporation for security reasons), just put the files on a network share and give permissions to that share to the users you're sending the email and then just let them know where this network path is on the email. (I have done this at a site I happen to assist).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlefoot
    Well, Tom Kyte saysCould this do any good?
    Yes, i use blob.
    What i do...
    Convert a file in blob
    Connect to DB.
    upload blob to a temporary table
    Use utl_smtp to attach file(blob) (This info i get from "asktom")
    Send email
    close DB connection (temporary table deleted so blob).
    Thanks, for your help.
    Now, i understand (better) utl_smtp

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