Trying to call an oracle 10i stored procedure from ms access 2003. The error I'm receiving is runtime error 3146 odbc call failed. I am on a standalone machine. Both the access application containing the call and the oracle database that contains the stored procedure are on the same machine.
The stored procedure runs fine in plsql. The procedure selects certain records from a single table, parses the fields and inserts them into another table.

Function CallSProc() As Boolean

Dim db As Database
Dim LSProc As QueryDef

'On Error GoTo Err_Execute

Set db = CurrentDb()

Set LSProc = db.CreateQueryDef("")

'Use {Microsoft ODBC for Oracle} ODBC connection
LSProc.Connect = "ODBC;DSN=xxxx;UID=xxxx;PWD=xxxx;SERVER=xxxx"
LSProc.ReturnsRecords = False
LSProc.ODBCTimeout = 0


Set LSProc = Nothing

CallSProc = True

Exit Function


'MsgBox "The call to the Oracle stored procedure failed."
'CallSProc = False

End Function