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    Unanswered: SQL 2005 Reporting Services Location

    My first installation of SQL 2005 requires the use of Reporting Services. Is Reporting Services always installed on the same server as SQL Server 2005 or do I have the option of having it run outside of the database server? If I have this option, is this something that Microsoft recommends? I'm concerned with having IIS and SQL Server on the same server, however if that's the new 2005 best practice then there's not much I can do about it.

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    Well,the reporting services server components include the Report Server and the Report Manager. It consists of a Windows service that runs continually on the server computer, a .NET web service hosted in IIS and a SQL Server database. The Report Server database can be installed on only one instance of SQL Server per physical database sever computer. The database need not reside on the local Report Server computer but the server must be a member of the Windows domain or a server trusted by the domain.
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    I have not installed but I understand that your concerns are well founded. I believe that MSs advice is that reporting services runs on another server to SQL Server. This also incurs an additional license cost
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