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    Question Unanswered: Form navigation

    I have a master detail form. When the user navigates to it, the child creates a new record in anticipation of an entry. There is also an Exit button on the form, should the user decide to not enter a new record, bringing the user back to the previous canvass and block.

    The problem, is that nothing happens when the EXIT button is pressed. The cursor remains in one of the child fields. I have to enter something in the child field in order to exit. There are no "required" field on the child. Below is the trigger on the EXIt button?


    clear_form(no_validate); -- do not save record
    set_view_property('can_p_search',visible,property_ true);
    set_view_property('can_c_pat',visible,property_fal se);
    set_view_property('can_appt',visible,property_fals e);
    set_view_property('can_history',visible,property_f alse);
    set_view_property('can_visual',visible,property_fa lse);
    set_view_property('can_hist',visible,property_fals e);
    set_view_property('can_trt',visible,property_false );
    set_view_property('can_flp',visible,property_false );

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    whats trigger you used?

    whether you should use the trigger WHEN-PRESS-BOTTON of ITEM or from block....

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    CLEAR_FORM does rollback (sort of), and clears the whole form. Perhaps this is not necessary - as you should delete only one record which was created in the detail block, how about this: as you already ARE in the detail block, there's no need to navigate to it - just delete this record:


    Now, convince Forms Developer that nothing really changed in there:

    SET_RECORD_PROPERTY(:system.trigger_record, 'block_name', status, QUERY_STATUS);

    Finally, navigate to the master block:


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    Thanks for the feedback LF but that doesn't work.

    It seems that the only way I can exit the child record, is to actually make an entry in one of the child fields first.

    I also tried clear_record on the master, which pressumably is supposed to clear the curent child record as well, but this doesn not work either. Arrrgh!

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