I'm using PowerBuilder6.51 and SQLAnywhere9.02
I have created New DB for Any9.02, previously working in Any6.04

Declare pk_smm cursor for
select sl_no,tot_qty from pack_smm
where part_nsp_code=:as_nsp_code and pack_no=:il_pack
for update of tot_qty,grs_wt;

UPDATE pack_smm SET tot_qty=:ll_sub_qty,grs_wt=net_wt*:ll_sub_qty

I use Any9 ODBC driver and Any6 ODBC driver to execute program
1. Why I can specify column name after update 'of tot_qty,grs_wt' ?
2. Why I have err at update due to 'READ Only Cursor' in Any9 but Any6

Do you have same experience before ?
Solution is use Any6 to connect Any9 server ?
Since ';' is require, PowerBuilder point of view this is purely Anywhere issue ?
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