Good morning, all -

I just discovered an interesting thing while experimenting with a function on one of my fields, which is sort of a date my organization defines as mm/yy/num, you may have seen my other posts wrestling with this field, ADJ_NUM.

Anyway, I had to put this field in reports as a monthname,
so after some fidgeting with it, I came up with:

=MonthName(Mid$([ADJ_NUM],1,2)) - which in my parameter query "Like [Enter Adj Num as range - e.g. 03/06*]" - will show up on the report as:


where it gets the argument from the first 2 chars of ADJ_NUM (03 for example).

So, OK, not exactly a cure for cancer, but hopefully a tip for some poor sod who is faced with having to translate their date string to a name.

Then again, the rest of you may yawn and say "so,what else is new?"