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    Unanswered: alias columns in ISQLPLUS - is there a limit?

    I have a sql query that runs fine via a shell script. This query aliases 35 columns so that I can generate a report using ttitle formating. When I attempt to run the query via ISQLPLUS I get a blank screen as the result. When I comment out any one of the column aliases then I get result displayed.

    Is there a limit to the number of column aliases that can be used in ISQPLUS?

    Here is the sql that I'm using.

    column c1 new_value ICALLS noprint
    column c2 new_value NDDWRT noprint
    column c3 new_value SRTBEG noprint
    column c4 new_value SCALLS noprint
    column c5 new_value PCALLS noprint
    column c6 new_value PRTBEG noprint
    column c7 new_value SCLAMS noprint
    column c8 new_value SBELIG noprint
    column c9 new_value SREIMB noprint
    column c10 new_value SCARDS noprint
    column c11 new_value PLCAMS noprint
    column c12 new_value PBELIG noprint
    column c13 new_value PETBEG noprint
    column c14 new_value SIDERT noprint
    column c15 new_value PIDERT noprint
    column c16 new_value SNODET noprint
    column c17 new_value PNODET noprint
    column c18 new_value SCLERT noprint
    column c19 new_value PCLERT noprint
    column c20 new_value SDBERT noprint
    column c21 new_value PDBERT noprint
    column c22 new_value SDSERT noprint
    column c23 new_value PDSERT noprint
    column c24 new_value SBAERT noprint
    column c25 new_value PBAERT noprint
    column c26 new_value SCINFO noprint
    column c27 new_value SMULRF noprint
    column c28 new_value PCINFO noprint
    column c29 new_value SRTEND noprint
    column c30 new_value PRTEND noprint
    column c31 new_value PTIDMT noprint
    column c32 new_value SBINFO noprint
    column c33 new_value PBINFO noprint
    column c34 new_value PTIDET noprint
    column c35 new_value SETBEG noprint

    ttitle "My custom Report for &dnis on &insertDate" SKIP 2 -
    left "ICALLS :" ICALLS center "NDDWRT :" NDDWRT right "SRTBEG :" SRTBEG skip 1 -
    left "SCALLS :" SCALLS center "PCALLS :" PCALLS right "PRTBEG :" PRTBEG skip 1 -
    left "SCLAMS :" SCLAMS center "SBELIG :" SBELIG right "SREIMB :" SREIMB skip 1 -
    left "SCARDS :" SCARDS center "PLCAMS :" PLCAMS right "PBELIG :" PBELIG skip 1 -
    left "PETBEG :" PETBEG center "SIDERT :" SIDERT right "PIDERT :" PIDERT skip 1 -
    left "SNODET :" SNODET center "PNODET :" PNODET right "SCLERT :" SCLERT skip 1 -
    left "PCLERT :" PCLERT center "SDBERT :" SDBERT right "PDBERT :" PDBERT skip 1 -
    left "SDSERT :" SDSERT center "PDSERT :" PDSERT right "SBAERT :" SBAERT skip 1 -
    left "PBAERT :" PBAERT center "SCINFO :" SCINFO right "SMULRF :" SMULRF skip 1 -
    left "PCINFO :" PCINFO center "SRTEND :" SRTEND right "PRTEND :" PRTEND skip 1 -
    left "PTIDMT :" PTIDMT center "SBINFO :" SBINFO right "PBINFO :" PBINFO skip 1 -
    left "PTIDET :" PTIDET center "SETBEG :" SETBEG skip 2

    SUM( ICALLS ) c1 ,
    SUM( NDDWRT) c2 ,
    SUM( SRTBEG) c3 ,
    SUM( SCALLS) c4 ,
    SUM( PCALLS) c5 ,
    SUM( PRTBEG) c6 ,
    SUM( SCLAMS) c7 ,
    SUM( SBELIG) c8 ,
    SUM( SREIMB) c9 ,
    SUM( SCARDS) c10 ,
    SUM( PLCAMS) c11 ,
    SUM( PBELIG) c12 ,
    SUM( PETBEG) c13 ,
    SUM( SIDERT) c14 ,
    SUM( PIDERT) c15 ,
    SUM( SNODET) c16 ,
    SUM( PNODET) c17 ,
    SUM( SCLERT) c18 ,
    SUM( PCLERT) c19 ,
    SUM( SDBERT) c20 ,
    SUM( PDBERT) c21 ,
    SUM( SDSERT) c22 ,
    SUM( PDSERT) c23 ,
    SUM( SBAERT) c24 ,
    SUM( PBAERT) c25 ,
    SUM( SCINFO) c26 ,
    SUM( SMULRF) c27 ,
    SUM( PCINFO) c28 ,
    SUM( SRTEND) c29 ,
    SUM( PRTEND) c30 ,
    SUM( PTIDMT) c31 ,
    SUM( SBINFO) c32 ,
    SUM( PBINFO) c33 ,
    SUM( PTIDET) c34 ,
    SUM( SETBEG) c35
    from my_reports where INSERT_DATE='&insertDate' and DNIS='&dnis';

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    clearly this must be something simple that I'm missing and just can't find it... Anyone able to give me a hint?

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