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    Unanswered: An sql error "-7" occurred

    when I run my db2 command I get the error:
    An sql error "-7" occurred while processing the select string action string paramater.
    What does it mean?

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    SQL0007N The character "<character>" following "<text>" is
    not valid.


    The specified "<character>" is not a valid character in SQL
    statements. The "<text>" field indicates the 20 characters of
    the SQL statement that preceded the character that is not

    Federated system users: some data sources do not provide the
    appropriate values for the "<character>" and "<text>" message
    tokens. In these cases, "<character>" and "<text>" will have the
    following format: "<data source>:UNKNOWN", indicating that the
    actual values for the specified data source are unknown.

    The statement cannot be processed.

    User Response:

    Remove or replace the character that is not valid.

    sqlcode : -7

    sqlstate : 42601
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