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    Unanswered: Workgroup Permissions and Admin File Lock/or in use

    Hi there, I have an access db that has username/password securities created and works fine but for some reason, I've been getting this error "see attached" I use the same process everytime and this problem has been occuring intermittently but most time I can create the icon for the specific user to launch from their desktops. All workstations are running XP and access ver 03. If I map the drive and authenicate using Administrator creditinals to the where the db resides, I have no problem launching the db, but when I log off and back as the user,the this issues occurs. I've checked permissions from an active directory standpoint and on the db itself and everythings fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    This isn't a solution but may be a work-around if I'm on the right track (otherwise scratch the idea). The attachment basically copies the frontend mdb/mde file, adds the user's loginID, and then opens that mdb/mde file (you just make a few modifications such as location/filename/filetype). My thought is that maybe it might help with your permissions problem by having the main frontend cloned with each user in their own copy. Just put the attached modified vbs script on their desktop. You can edit it with notepad.
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    Paul thanks for the reply but this did not work but I finally figured out what my issue was.

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