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    Question Unanswered: Dump and Load timings for Sybase ASE 12.X

    Hi !

    I do not have much experience with Sybase dump/load estimates.
    Requesting experienced Sybase DBAs to provide some information about average time required for creating a dump (say 1GB database) on a disk and loading it into a new instance. I checked Sybase FAQ where it is mentioned that it takes about 8 minutes to dump a 1GB database on tape and no information on load. I understand that the speed could vary depending on OS specific parameters/settings. Howvere, I am looking for some experiences for dump/load timings to/from disk for a mid-size Solaris setup.
    Requesting to share any related experiences.

    Thanks in advance!

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    It is extremely dependent on the speed of your IO subsystem.

    I have a 49 GB database on AIX that I dump in 10 minutes, and load in 15 minutes (IBM PSeries, with the devices on an EMC SAN).

    And I have a 40 GB database on linux that takes more than an hour to dump, with local disks (ATA disks plugged into a RAID controler, I think).

    So you really need to test on your own hardware to get any idea of how long this will take.


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    How long does it take you to copy a 1 GB file
    The uncompressed Sybase dump should take close to the same time
    And if you compress it will also depend on your CPU speed
    Then check how long does it take to gzip a 1 GB file
    Note: Sybase at default compression = gzip at min compression (gzip -1)

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    Thank you everyone for response!

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