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    Unanswered: Data transfer from Informix to Oracle database

    Hi Everyone,
    I need to transfer few millions of data from Informix database to oracle database.
    For this I will be using Oracle Gateways.
    I am going to create db links for Heterogenous services from my Oracle DB (which is 10g)which will connect to nonoracle systems ie Informix.
    I went through some docs and found that for Heterogenous services agent registration would require a separate Initialization file for Heterogenous services with its own parameters starting with HS_ ....
    What I need to know is that
    Gateway Installation: Is it a separate database with its own init<sid>.ora file?
    If not Do i need to install anything on my database server so that dblinks can be created to connect nonoracle systems.
    Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.


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    it is a seperate download/installation I have always thought.
    better to check with oracle or their website.
    - The_Duck
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