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    Unanswered: Combining Reports into one print job (CRPE API 8.5)


    Can anyone tell me an easy way to merge reports into one print job using the CRPE API (C++)?


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    This may not apply to your situation considering you had requested the solutioin be in CRPE API (C++). But, we use it to combine related reports for our users so they can print one "batch" so to speak at once. This is a response I used in another posting today...

    If you want to print a series of reports from one main report using Crystal 8.5 just insert a new section for every report you want to have triggered by the main report.

    If you not sure of what that means, consider the following example:

    You have 3 reports you would like to print for every sales manager in your company. Each manager has a Cost Center number assigned to them which identifies his/her department.

    You will create one main report and insert 3 subreports with the Cost Center field as the link.

    The Main report will be grouped by Cost Center as group1.

    In the Group 1 Header, you can create a cover sheet that includes the Cost Center value, the Manager's Name, and the list of the 3 report titles that follow.

    In the Details section, insert the Cost Center field and the Managers Name field. Hide the Detail section.

    In the Group 1 Footer, place the first subreport. Link it by Cost Center.

    While still in the Group 1 Footer, go to the left margin and right click. You will see in the list of options, "Insert Section Below". Select this option. Repeat once more so you have 3 Group 1 Footers.

    Insert the second subreport in Group 1 Footer - b. Insert the third subreport in Group 1 Footer - c. Link both subreports appropriately. Remove the subreport border. Make sure the sizing on the subreports matches the main report.

    You should see the following on your screen...

    Group 1 Footer - a Subreport 1
    Group 1 Footer - b Subreport 2
    Group 1 Footer - c Subreport 3

    You can create parameters and use conditional supression to control if all three reports run or just one of them.

    If you need more information, send me a reply.

    Good Luck.

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