Hey guys, I would really appreciate some help with an eTrust install that i have been trying on my solaris 10, sparc server...

I am running the dxsetup.sh script and keep getting the following error every time it has run:

Starting the Recovery Server...FAIL
iirundbms: server would not start.
        II_SYSTEM must be set in your environment.
        Has the csinstall program been run?
            must also be set.  See II_CONFIG/symbol.tbl.
        Check the file '/opt/CA/IngresEI/ingres/files/errlog.log'
            for more details concerning internal errors.
        See your Getting Started Guide for more
            information concerning server startup.

The Recovery Server failed to start.
I have tried
1) setting the /etc/system file to the correct settings
2) set parent directories so that they can be viewed by all
3) done a fresh reinstall of solaris and downloaded and installed all the latest patches...

still i get nothing..does anyone know what could be the matter, has anyone ever come accross this problem before?.