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    Unanswered: oracle 9i or 10g certification?

    hi chaps,

    at the mo im embarking on the intro to SQL exam (1Z0 007) of the 9i dba certification path. my aim was to get to OCA & then OCP with 9i, and then eventually do 10g later.

    im just wondering, because of 10g, is it worth me continuing aiming to be certified in 9i, or would it be best to switch straight to 10g? - ive heard that the certification path to 10g is less rigorous than that of 9i.

    i dont work in the database sector at present so i cannot comment on if 9i is still popular in industry? the Q's id like answering is it really worth my while continuing with 9i, as 10g is now the lasted dbms.

    are people still using 9i? and are people still using 9i even though 10g have been upon us for some time? or have you yet to make the transition?

    bottom line is, will getting 9i certified still be a sound move?

    thanks for viewing, please reply,

    cheers andrew.

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    go with 10g
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    i think i'll take the intro to oracle9i SQL exam (1Z0 007) - as i feel im only a couple of weeks prep away from sitting the exam - & especially ive put in so much time & effort on this - it would be a waste not to...

    then i think i'll switch to 10g & aim for OCA.

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    To add my 2 cents worth, I'd go with 10g as soon as you're comfortable to do so - it's like asking "do I study for Windows 98 or Windows XP?" - you should always (well, in most cases ) go with the latest.

    If you do go with 10g it will be worth learning about the new features, so that if you get a job working with 9i or earlier then you won't waste time looking for features that haven't yet been invented!

    I also think that any certification is better than none, so even if you stick with 9i it will still stand you in good stead for 10g jobs - all you will need to demonstrate is your knowledge of the differences between 9i & 10g, as the certification will demonstrate your underlying knowledge of the Oracle product.

    Good luck with your exam
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