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    Unanswered: Db2 Deadlock Problem

    Linux RedHat--DB2 8.1 Fix Pack 8.

    I am getting:
    db2inst1 4920 9821 0 14:49 ? 00:00:00 db2event (DB2DETAILDEADLOCK)

    when I run ps -ef | grep "db2" command. How do I find out what the DEADLOCK is on (What Causes it)?

    We have 3 databases on this box. There are 3 event log directories 1 for each database (I guess)............

    Which file sould I look for ?. If I open the file in Notepad or wordpad, I mostly see all the scrambled stuff. db2diaglog file doesn't have anything about the deadlock. How do I find out ?


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    Once a deadlock is detected, DB2 chooses a "victim" and cancels it to resolve the deadlock with the other application(s). The deadlock detector runs every 10 seconds by default.

    To trap information about a deadlock, the best way is to set up a deadlock event monitor. See the Command Reference manual.
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    Thanks....................I realized that my maintenance plans (Database backups, load jobs) were not running since 08/28/06. The description was "Expired". I belive that a deadlock caused this. Once I modified the jobs and the jobs ran last night. This morning, there was no deadlock when I ran ps -ef | grep "db2".

    Thanks again.

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