I have these two workstation in same domain.

PC A is running on Windows 2000 Professional, with MSSQL 7.0 installed.

PC B is on Windows XP, in which I try to create an ODBC connection to one database in the above MSSQL server.

When I add a system DSN from the ODBC Data Source Administrator, I couldn't connect with the following message:

Connection failed:
SQLState: '28000'
SQL Server Error: 18456
[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user 'A\userabc'.

I have created the userabc in PC A, both as system adminstrator and as an user permitted to use the database.

I tried both "With windows NT authentication using the network login ID" and "With SQL Server authentication", but both were not working.

Any hint about what may go wrong? Thanks.