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    Post Unanswered: DB2 Failover in previous versions(before 8.2).

    How the DB2 Failover was carried out in previous versions of DB2(before 8.2).

    1) From which version DB2 started HADR?
    2) whethere DB2 Clustering was available?
    3) Was there any Client Reroute avaiable in prvious versions.?
    4) How DB2 was Handeling the failover?
    5) Was there any automation available or things were manual?

    Can please some one comments?

    Thanks in advance.


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    1) HADR started at V8.2 (8.1 FP 7)
    2) For DB2 LUW, there was no DB2 clustering prior to 8.2
    3) No client reroute prior to 8.2
    4,5) Prior to 8.2 failover was more or less manual. A secondary server would have been set up from a backup of the primary. Then the logs from the primary would be "shipped" to the secondary and applied there. This process could be automated. Then if a failure of the primary occurred, the secondary could be brought online manually by rolling forward the logs that had not been applied yet and changing the IP of the secondary to the primary.


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    Non-DB2 failover solutions (like HACMP, Sun Clusters etc) were the widely used solutions in the past and more-or-less continue to dominate the HA scene.

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