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Thread: Ifmx_hpkaio_ver

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    Unhappy Unanswered: Ifmx_hpkaio_ver

    We are running IDS 10 and HP/UX 11i. Has anyone ever had to set this parameter? We would like to know why and what it was set to. We have been sent a request by HP asking what this is set to but we have never heard of it and do not use it.

    From our online.log: HPUX Version B.11.11 -> Using flag/select style KAIO

    They are worried about our system CPU usage.

    Thanks, DBAGirl

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    By default, the HPUX version of IDS uses a "select-based" implementation of Kernel AIO (KAIO). This was implemented a long time ago due to an HP performance problem that occurred when the OS kaiopoll function was called with a timeout. This is the default behavior, and is what occurs when IFMX_HPKAIO_VER is not set, or is set to 3.

    IFMX_HPKAIO_VER can also be set to 2 when used with HPUX 10.10 and greater, and will cause the engine to use a "flag style" KAIO.

    The recommendation is to not set this variable unless you have a non-standard HPUX version number.


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