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    Question Unanswered: Access integration with major shipping carriers?

    Greetings first post here ;-)

    I have an Access db we use to track for our catalog production. One of the major parts of it is product being shipped from our east coast office to our office here in Denver for photography.

    We used to do this in spreadsheets...but now at least we can track via which method (DHL, FedEx, etc.) the product is shipped, when, what the tracking number is etc. The "problem" is that the shipper has to create the shipping label online (we use DHL almost all the time), then go in to the database and record much of the same information.

    What I was hoping to do was to somehow tie-in via import/export to the major shipping carriers so that when we create a shipping label, that package information is tracked/imported in to the Access db...and then when it arrives here in Denver, the fact that it's received is also uploaded in to the database.

    I know there are tons of 3rd party solutions out there that are stand-alone solutions, but didn't know if anyone here has tinkered with integrating some or all of these features in to their own Access projects.

    Thanks so much...any direction you can provide is apprciated.


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    I designed an application in Microsoft Access which processed shipments via the carriers' 3rd party solutions. The database application made extensive use of XML object parsing and compiling to post the request via a given carrier's XML template to the carrier's server, parsing the XML response returned from the server, storing the result and using the relevant information to generate the shipping label.

    Your best bet in designing a Microsoft Access application to do this is to study up on object manipulation involving MSXML2 DOMDocument amd XMLHTTP objects via Visual Basic. Then obtain all documentation you can from the various carriers on their XML API solutions. This should get you started.

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    Thumbs up Thanks...I'll give it a whirl!


    Thanks very much for your direction on this. That's kind of what I thought might be the case, but am glad you confirmed it.

    That's totally new territory for me so I'll dig in to it...if I have additional questions on it, which I'd be surprised if I didn't, I'll repost here.


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