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    Question Unanswered: Parameter queries and mail merge


    I have a table of people and a table of jobs (among other tables). People can be assigned to many jobs. I want to do a mail merge to all the people assigned to a particualr job so I created a parameter query, which works fine, but the user then has to type the job that they want to filter on. To avoid the user making typing mistakes that would affect the filtering I created a form that used a drop-down list where the user could select a job and it displayed all the people assigned to that job. I created a mail merge document attached to the parameter query and linked a button to the document from my form with the drop-down box.

    Problem: Word doesn't seem to recognise that the data has already been filtered . It wants to open a new version of the database and then prompts the user to type in the job (which is then open to typing mistakes).

    How can I get Word to filter using a drop-down list, or link to already filtered data? This problem has been bugging me for ages and I can't find a fix! Please help!

    Thanks in advance, Natalie

    (Edit: I'm using Access 2003)
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    Mail Merge

    Why not try doing a make table query (i.e. make a table called: MailMergeLinking table) and have the document link to the table verses the query. The only problem you'll have is if multiple users try to access the same document at the same time (the table will be locked by another user). To get around this, I use the attachment to make a "cloned" front-end (with the user's name attached) and each user would then have their own word document which links to their own MailMergeLinkingTable in their mde. It's not the best solution but it does work. The biggest pain is that you would have multiple word documents each with a link to a user's mde.

    In the attachment, you would need to open it in notepad and change the location of the mde file and then save it as a vbs script (i.e. in the FileName, MyApp.vbs and set it to All Types for File Type). Then just execute the vbs script (i.e. you can then copy it to each user's desktop, change the icon, etc.)
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    Excellent, I will try that. Thanks very much

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