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    Question Unanswered: Tokenize key/value pairs in a log file

    I have a sample file that contains entries like:

    age=24 gender=male height=63 weight=180 eyecolor=blue haircolor=blonde
    age=21 gender=female height=52 weight=140 eyecolor=hazel haircolor=brown
    age=27 gender=female height=48 weight=127 eyecolor=brown haircolor=black


    I know how to handle comma or tab delimited data, but not when the variables are being referenced with the data. I have a table setup with each variable as a column. In some cases, I may have a sample file that only has some of these variables, or maybe more, and may not have them in the same order. So I cannot rely on the position of this data.

    What is the best way to token this so I can import it into my table?

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    consider using the split function to parse the incoming record
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    What are the differences between split and explode, that would make me consider one over the other in this scenario?

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