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    Unanswered: Adding checkbox to mysql database

    i currently have the following database setup:

    create table Players
    ( PlayerID integer not null primary key auto_increment
    , Forename varchar(50)
    , Surname varchar(50) not null
    , DOB date
    , RegNo tinyint
    , Photo varchar(255)
    , Nickname varchar(50)
    , Comments varchar(255)
    , Position varchar(50)
    , GamesPlayed tinyint
    , GoalsScored tinyint
    , Active (this is the bit i am unsure of)

    but i now want to add a checkbox to my php form, which i can sort but i am unsure how to set up the database to accept the value from my php.

    basically what i am asking is what should i have after the active option above?

    Please help


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    i would use either CHAR(1) with values 'Y' or 'N', or better yet TINYINT with values 1 or 0 | @rudydotca
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    thanks very much


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