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    Unanswered: Can I dynamically create webpages using PHP?

    I've just started learning PHP and have created a database backed website that allows users to login and admin to login and modify certain content of the site (news etc). Is it possible to dynamically create webpages using php and if so can someone tell me how (or point me to guide).

    For instance, if I made a website for a shop and the owner of the shop could login and add a product to their product range. Could this automatically create a webpage with a pre-defined layout but with content generated by the user with this webpage being viewable by visitors to the site? (hope I'm making sense )

    Thanks in advance for any advice

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    php, like other scripting languages can be used to provide what is effectiley a template for data presentation.

    Like most computer languages, within reason, you can do just about anything with PHP. there are many things it isn't particularly approporiate for (real time process contorl would be one that springs to mind), however it is ideally suited to what you are looking for.

    some organsiations use scripting languages for content management systems (CMS)
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    That's excellent, thanks.

    I've just read through a tutorial and a lot of it is stuff I've already done. I have two more questions though:

    1. Is it possible for the user to upload an image to form part of the page they are creating or would they have to link it from somewhere like photobucket

    2. How can I include a text area that will automatically create the HTML code when the user clicks a bold or underline button (like the one I'm typing this message in)


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    1) Yes, you can upload files/images -

    2) There are a number of HTML editors. Here is a popular one, which I believe even supports uploading of images to be included in the resultant page, though some versions had a problem forming the correct image address in the page -

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