I've got this sub for creating charts that only seems to work on a chart array...not on a single chart.

Here's the sub:

Public Sub CreateXLChart(xlSheetF As Excel.Worksheet, xlChartF As Excel.Chart, RowNum As Integer, _
    ChartType As String, ReportName As String)

        With xlChartF
            .ChartType = ChartType
            .SetSourceData xlSheetF.Cells(RowNum, 1).CurrentRegion
            .PlotBy = xlColumns
            .Location xlLocationAsObject, ReportName
        End With
End Sub
Here's how it's being called:

Set xlChart = xlApp.Charts.Add

Call CreateXLChart(xlSheet, xlChart, 4, xlLineMarkers, "Report")
Here's the error I'm getting:

Run-time error '1004': Method 'Location' of object '_Chart' failed

I've googled this but can't find a solution. This sub works absolutely fine when I'm working with an array of chart objects, but not when I'm working with a plain regular chart object. I do everything the same way except one's an array and one's not.

What am I doing wrong?