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    Arrow Unanswered: migrating replicated databases

    Hi !

    A basic query about migrating relpication enabled databases using dump!load appraoch :

    As part of pre-migration procedure, we will have to make sure that replication from or into each database is complete before initiating migration. i.e. All transactions in the Replication Server inbound and outbound queues must be applied.

    In the migrated environment, can we do an entirely new replication setup (provided replication is truned off before migration ) OR is there any way to reuse existing replication configurations?
    Source and target ASE are on separate hosts. Replication server version remains the same i.e. 12.6 and target ASE version is 12.5.3.

    Please help to clarify this doubt.

    Thanks for your time!
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    It is *probably* possible to reuse all the replication information that was defined in the old database, but I would tear down and rebuild the replication system in that sort of migration to avoid any possible problems.


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    Thanks Michael. We also are thinking of a new replication setup instead of troubleshooting replication issues as timeframe does not allow us do perform extensive testing with resuing old replication configuration. Thanks!

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