Job Title: Database Administrator (DBA)

Salary Range: 80-90k

Reporting Structure: Reports to IT Manager (who reports to the CEO)

Geographic Location: Norwell, MA (Corporate Headquarters)

Educational: Minimum of AS, BS preferred
Industrial: 4-5 years minimum experience in field.

Mandatory requirements:
1. DBA / SQL-Server, DTS, Storage Procedures.
2. Problem solving skills in Storage procedures and Schema changes.

“Nice to have” requirements:
1. Knowledge and abilities in Clustering
2. Knowledge and abilities in Replication

Duties & Responsibilities:
Three primary functional responsibilities:
1. Solve DBA related problems.
2. Help developers with storage procedures.
3. Make/Integrate Schema changes

Other responsibilities: Other, ancillary database administration duties, and whatever else may be assigned.

Other “notes:”
1. MicroSoft 2000 environment
2. Standard DBA env’t. Infrastructure already in place.
4. Job is rewarding work; critical to the Environment, and to the company. Group has very strong connection to the CEO, who has very strong interest in the success of the IT organization.

Key(s) to the job: DBA in SQL-Server environment, without the need to build the group’s already exiting infrastructure.

Recruiter: David Steinbach, CPC
Email: steinbach.david@cleanharbors.com
Phone: 781.792.5154