I'm converting a VBA db app that uses SQL Server as the back end into VB. I'm a VB noob as you can tell from my previous posts so bear with me.

In the VB app I wanted to improve the way it's written so I tried to encapsulate the functionality and for the most part it has been fine since each report uses only one stored procedure on the SQL Server as its record source. There is an exception, though; there is one report that uses three separate stored procedures.

On the VBA app we have pass-through queries and those are what are used as the data sources for the report's three different graphs. There's a sub that changes the query definition in the pass-throughs depending on what the user has selected. Since we don't have 'query definitions' in VB we can't do that and I'm new to ADO so I'm not sure how to go about this without writing a big giant sub for the entire report that includes every bit of processing that has to take place. I'd rather not do it that way because it's poor technique but I'm not really sure where to start with it.

Any advice is welcome.