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    Unanswered: Reverse DB2 SQL Replication

    DB2 7.2 AIX 5.2

    I have DB2 SQL replication setup for two servers. Server A is the primary application and replicating 4 tables to Server B.

    In a failover situation we shutdown the application on Server A and start it up on Server B. Thats all set. The problem is when we want to failback to the primary server Server A, the database is now not up to date.

    I was planning on doing an EXPORT on Server B, then LOAD on Server A. But was curious if it would be feasable to reverse the capture/apply replication so Server B starts replicating to Server A.


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    AFAIK, there is no 'reverse' replication ...

    You may want to define a repliacation subscription with server b as source and server A as the target. Switch this on only when you failover ... When server A comes up, start apply to copy to server A (during which time replication capture from A to B) should be seitched off ..
    Once you switch back to server A, ...

    I'll stop ;-)

    I think, you'll get the point

    BTW, I have never tried this ... Just a thought ..
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