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    Unanswered: URGENT! - please (ftp)

    Hello.. I need to access ftp using VBA(excel). I don't know how to do it.. Can someome help me?
    I've read in few forums and they say i can use .bat ; inet or webbrowser
    .bat i think it is not a good idea because it is not fast as i need and inet what do i have to add in my VBA's bookstore to use it? Please someone help

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    I haven't done this in a while but I believe this is right:

    First create a .txt file with the exact script of what you want to happen in the execution, for example it would look like this:

    ftp 'this will connect'

    The etc would be what you wanted to do in the ftp, the username and password will be yours if necessary obviously. Next you need to create a batch file to run it. This will simply be a text file that you put "-f C:/My Documents/Scripts.txt" This will be what ever the location of file and name of the file is, the -f will be constant. You will save this second .txt file then change the file extension to .BAT. When your done, click on the .BAT file, it should do the ftp process that you want to see. If so, you can just call up this file in the VBA of your excel document. Hope this helps!

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