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    Unanswered: Where should I create ERD?

    Hello, everyone:

    Does anyone offer the idea where I should create ERD in SQL Server? And how?

    Thanks a lot.


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    well you can use diagrams but changes to those actually change the database. you do not have to keep the ERD in SQL Server. you can use stuff like Erwin and Visio to create disconnected documents and you can store them with the rest of your documentation. You can even use MS Word to draw your happy boxes and lines.
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    I like PowerPoint for thumbnail diagrams of table relationships. Use the "Connector" objects between boxes.
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    Do you really use PowerPoint as a CASE tool? :O So ER, logical and physical design diagrams are a bunch of rectangles and lines, right?
    If you are going to do your homework by some paintings yep, PowerPoint is ok but for production use (physical design generation, Data access layer code generation and...) I recommand Sybase PowerDesigner. For ER purpose only there is a complex tool called ER Studio by Embarcadero inc.

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    Create the first one on paper. As the data model evolves, then you can move on to Visio, Embarcaderro, or whatever you like.

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