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    Unanswered: How many of you use ASM

    just wondering how many people actually are using ASM currently

    Did you migrate to ASM or was it a fresh install

    PLEASE take the POLL.


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    I inherited a 10gR1 database running on ASM (Windows 2000, SP4). The install was Fubar'ed with the drive designations like F:\\*\ (or something close to that). I ran into an issue, called Oracle support and they pointed me to a MetaLink article indicating that the original install (done by an outside vendor before my time) was done exactly how it said NOT to do it.

    I eventually ran into a really ugly situation and ended up installing 10gR2 on a new server and then exporting/importing the data.

    My biggest gripes with ASM in Windows/10gR1 were:
    1. It seemed over-engineered for a stand alone database on a SAN disk array
    2. There was no way to access/move/copy data on the ASM drives (no OS commands anyway)

    That experience has caused me to swear off of ASM in a Windows environment. I understand that many of these issues have been resolved in 10gR2, but I have not had a chance to play with ASM in a 10gR2 environment.


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    We have :

    - 10gR1 for Linux x86-64 Standard Edition (RHES 3)
    - 2-nodes RAC
    - ASM
    - Hitachi SAN disk array

    We chose ASM because we wanted RAC. Sometimes we really wish we had 10gR2 and its new asmcmd command line utility. There is no such utility in R1 so that every action must be done through SQL queries on the ASM instance, which is a little annoying.


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    Huh, there's one missing options for dummies like me - "What is ASM?"

    No, we don't use it; our production database is (still) 8.1.7.

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    I don't use it, for exactly what hmscott says ("It seemed over-engineered for a stand alone database on a SAN disk array").
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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlefoot
    No, we don't use it; our production database is (still) 8.1.7.
    Could be worse. One of our partner agencies is still using Oracle 7.3.4


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    I have installed recently:

    - 10gR2 for Solaris 9 (applied patch set #2 immediatelly).
    - 2-node SunFire RAC using Sun Cluster 3.1
    - EMC Symmetrix SAN for storage
    - LUNs from SAN are RAW devices (and they are all stripped, not a single LUN mapped to just one drive)
    - Using Veritas Volume Manager
    - Not using ASM at all..

    Reason I didn't use ASM was: There was no feedback, and I trully felt that using RAW devices with a Volume Manager would suffice on what ASM could give me (i/o balancing - I do have that at the SAN; disk redundancy - I do have that at the SAN).

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    We don't use it, but we're considering it:

    Tom discusses it in terms of building a filesystem meant for storing extents as the database understands them to be. Kind of interesting.


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    We use ASM on a few boxes. I fuc*ing hate it.
    Totally retarded. Like adding or managing space was hard or something.

    Now we've got flipping spfiles in the ASM so you cannot see them. You got
    your database dependent upon an ASM instance being open and stable. All
    kinds of $hit. Man, don't get me started.
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    We're not using it either... too many complaints and only praises from internal Oracle articles. Never a good sign.

    Plus, I'm right there with hmscott... one of our supported clients still uses 7.3.4 -- retro is in!
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