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    Unanswered: Copying a DTS Package and Jobs

    Hi everybody,

    Just want to ask how can I copy a DTS Package? Something like "Save As"...saving a DTS Package to another package name in the same server, or copying a DTS package to another server.

    What I am doing right now, is I create the whole package again just to have another copy of it.

    Same question with a Job.

    Thank you so much.

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    Why not try scripting it then just execute?

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    for jobs u can right click on a job and use "generate sql script" to script it and execute it with QA.

    for DTS it is a bit tricky. u can save-as an open DTS package as "structured storage file" (location drop-down). copy that disk file to another machine. and then right click on Data-Transformation-Services to open that saved package. need to save it again in SQL server of that machine.

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