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    Unanswered: Help Please, How to merge 2 DBF files

    Hi All

    Help Please, How to merge 2 or more DBF files.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi my_bk2000 !
    For me, easiest to merge 2 or more DBF files,
    1. open first DBF file
    2. use APPEND command to add other DBF files to the first DBF file.
    3. use INDEX ON . . . command to sorts the records of the first DBF file.

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    1) open the first dbf file
    2) use the following line --- append from <file2>

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    You have 2 files. the one with the existing info (exist1.dbf) to be updated and the one with the new info (newinfo1.dbf).
    You must have a common field in both to update them.
    Lets say Invoice_no is the field common to both.
    Lets say you want to update a new tax_rate from newinfo1.dbf
    This is the code:

    Select B
    Use newinfo1.dbf "file with new info"
    Index on Invoice_no to sort1 "sort1 is an index file"
    Select A
    Use exist1.dbf "file to be updated"
    Index on Invoice_no to sort2
    update on Invoice_no from B replace tax_rate with B->tax_rate
    Return This is for 1 field, you can list as you want

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