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    Unanswered: Printing mainframe screens from ActiveX on Access form

    I am using an ActiveX to pull up my host mainframe (Rumba) on a form in access. I then have buttons that are intended to looped to run through hundreds of screens i need printed. It does the job of running through the screens but will not print. When you pull up the form it automatically connects to the mainframe ip, making the rumba window active. But, you cannot print using the normal function even if you do it manually (Ctrl+Shift+P). If you open the same window on your desktop, not in the acitveX it does so fine. What am I missing, please help!

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    Are there any item properties of the activex control you can use/change to cause it to print? Can you do something like me.myactivexctrl.print or something like that? Just throwing some things out there as I really don't have an answer.
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